St. Louis, MO


An individual who desires prospect status without a sponsor or is not familiar with any current members, must attend events and activities.  During that time the individual should make known their desire to become part of the club.  The President and Vice president will determine if the candidate is ready to become a prospect member.  The probationary period will begin at prospect status with the same guide lines as noted under prospects.


An individual who desires membership shall have a full patch member in good standing  as a sponsor.  The sponsor will introduce the prospect to the club at a scheduled meeting.  Full patch club members will question the candidate of their qualifications and reasons for wanting to join.  If voted in the prospect member will receive the bottom rocker only.  The opportunity to be voted in as a full patched member will be within or up to a one year period of time.

When someone earns their patch, it does not mean that he or she has reached the ultimate goal. Moving from hang around to prospect to patch holder is not climbing from the bottom to the top. It means becoming a stronger and more committed brother or sister. A person's probationary rocker and later their patch are merely presented in recognition of what they have demonstrated along the way.  It's a time in which attitude is conditioned so that they display a sense of responsibility and respect toward the patch holders of the club and educated in basic protocol and etiquette.

Being a member is more than application and dues,  it's a state of heart,  a right earned by few and coveted by many... A true Gunner is trustworthy and devoted.   It's a lifelong commitment to family!