St. Louis, MO

Who are the Gunners LEMC St. Louis

For those who have heard the propaganda against our Club and some of our members here is the "rest of the story".

The Gunners LEMC St. Louis is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club and a 501c3 that supports local LE, Fire, EMS and Military causes and persons in need. We host events to support those who protect us both at home and abroad. When the Gunners LEMC St. Louis hosts an event, 100% of proceeds go to those in need. We have no payroll, minimal overhead (hall rentals, beverages, food, entertainment, etc), and all our member's time is donated to the success of the event.

The members of the Gunners LEMC St. Louis support other local charitible causes as well, we roll up in force and donate our time, money and effort to help other LEMC'S and charities succeed.

We are also a family, we help each other in times of need and enjoy each other's company. We have squabbles as families do but take care of such issues within our ranks.

And last but not least: WE RIDE! We ride in the winter, spring, summer, fall and whatever other season St. Louis can make up to throw at us. We have ridden in rain, on ice, between lighting bolts and even in hail. We are a Motorcycle Club after all and riding is what brought us together in the first place.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our Club feel free to contact us directly through our contact page OR via EMAIL HERE

We do not advocate the use of social media for drama creation or propagation and appreciate your support.